A wide audience lecture is organized by the Institut Fourier every year, in the city of Grenoble. It aimed at high school students and general audience. The conferences are recorded and can be seen, as well as other materials, on the Institut Fourier YouTube channel. The next conference will be given by Jean-Pierre Luminet.


BNF wide audience lecture

I gave a wide audience lecture (in french) at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) on february 11, 2015 at 6h30 pm. The title was: “De Poincaré à Perelman : une épopée mathématique du 20ème siècle”. The video of the lecture can be seen here.

Bourbaki goes to Luxembourg (garden)

On march 15th, 2009, I gave the Bourbaki lecture on “the differentiable sphere theorem”. As a protest against the government policy, the beginning of the lecture has been given on the bandstand of Jardin du Luxembourg. After ten minutes we had to leave when the senate police arrived. We then finished the lecture in  the regular room at Institut Henri Poincaré. A video is posted on You Tube.

The power of mathematics, why they still are unavoidable

The magazine La Recherche recently published a special issue (Les Dossiers de La Recherche n°37 trimestriel novembre 2009). An improved  version of a previous paper appeared in this volume. It is entitled  “Comment on est venu à bout de la conjecture de Poincaré” and contains a wide-audience description of Perelman’s works on Hamilton’s Ricci flow leading to  the proof of Poincaré’s Conjecture. A previous version also published in La Recherche is available here.

Sciences Festival in Paris

For the Sciences Festival in Paris, I gave a lecture  in Jussieu on Saturday, November 21st. The title was “La conjecture (résolue) de Poincaré : flots géométriques et applications”. I described the curve shortening process and its application to images denoising. After a description of the classification of orientable and closed surfaces, I stated the Poincaré conjecture. I then attempted an intuitive definition of the Ricci curvature and alluded to Hamilton’s Ricci flow.